Statistics is a science, but there’s an art to it, too. We use both to provide a clear picture of what the data really say.

There are two main types of research surveys—probability and nonprobability. Probability surveys, like those AmeriSpeak conducts, provide findings you can trust. That’s because they survey carefully created panels of respondents who accurately represent the population as a whole. The results of nonprobability surveys—which are typically conducted online—are less reliable because their panels aren’t carefully assembled or fully representative. But businesses often use nonprobability surveys for market research because they’re much cheaper. We’ve developed a statistical process that corrects the errors inherent in nonprobability surveys, bringing their results within the same margins of error as the gold standard AmeriSpeak survey.

The Survey-Taker’s Challenge

We have to get things right every step of the way.

How TrueNorth Solves Challenges