"Drug Pricing Explained" examines the path to market of five prescription medications to understand the commercial and regulatory forces that shape the cost of treatments.

Each account summarizes a research paper that explores issues of affordability and patient access.

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This series was produced by Arnold Ventures and NORC at the University of Chicago.

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Arnold Ventures is a philanthropy working to improve the lives of all Americans by pursuing evidence-based solutions to our nation's most pressing problems. We fund research to better understand the root causes of broken systems that limit opportunity and create injustice. Our focus areas include Criminal Justice, Higher Education, Health, and Public Finance. In each area, we advocate for policy reforms that will lead to lasting, scalable change.


Founded in 2010 by Laura and John Arnold, the mission of Arnold Ventures is to maximize opportunity and minimize injustice. We are a team of more than 100 subject-matter experts headerquartered in Houston with offices in New York and Washington, D.C.


Arnold Ventures manages the giving for various Arnold entites, including the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, Action Now Initiative, and the Arnolds' donor-advised fund.

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NORC at the University of Chicago conducts research and analysis that decision-makers trust. As a nonpartisan research organization and a pioneer in measuring and understanding the world, we have studied almost every aspect of the human experience and every major news event for more than eight decades.


Today, we partner with government, corporate, and nonprofit clients around the world to provide the objectivity and expertise necessary to inform the critical decisions facing society.

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